Monday, December 16, 2013

Tips to live a good and healthy life

These simple steps I will be sharing here will indeed change your lifestyle to a better one if you follow its instruction.

(1) Reduce high amount of fats, especially unhealthy fats. The saturated fats or trans saturated raises your LDL cholesterol and it often go along by increasing  a risk to heart disease.
Taking a moderate fats is okay. Poly-unsaturated, omega-3 and some others are good lifestyle choices. It lower your LDL cholesterol and high your HDL cholesterol which go along by reducing risk for heart disease.
Sweets, sugary fruits and soft drink and bread should be consumed in lower quantity. Taking a lot of sugary fruits may affect us negatively. The best is to take fresh fruits and whole grain bread.
Eating of processed foods should be also minimized. Fresh fruits and vegetables are highly rich in vitamins, it is good  you take them. Include calcium contained food to your diet.

If possible, always buy food from your local farmer's market or shop natural food stores.

Another way to keep your body healthy is to take regular exercise. Exercise yourself daily to keep your body fit. Jugging or taking your dogs for a walk is also a good idea. Press up and some others activities get your body "good to go" It makes your body fitted.
While taking your exercise also consider the risk for injuries. So, taking your exercise must be done moderately.

Always make sure you know what you weigh. Get plenty of sleep, it is a good one as studies have shown.
Smoking and taking alcoholics should be afford to get a good healthy lifestyle.

Good Hygiene is very important.

shower before and after you have done exercises. Your teeth must be flossed and brushed daily to prevent unhealthiness.
Your toes and feet must be made clean always to prevent infection of germs or related diseases. Wear clean clothes and change your underwear always.
Wearing antiperspirant is okay because prevent odor and it keeps your shirts from being stained with perspiration.
Always remember that good health is the key to long life.