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Saturday, November 30, 2013

Mary Slessor stopped the killing of twins

Mary Slessor (1848-1915)
The early life of Mary Slessor in Scotland was horrific but fairly typical of the times. Her father was continually drunk and unable to hold down a job. The conditions that the family lived in were terrible and, at the age of eleven, she was working in awful conditions in a cotton mill. The one positive thing was that the mill provided schooling for her. She also helped at a local Sunday school and found herself drawn towards the stories of missionaries, especiallyDavid Livingstone.

By the time she was twenty-five, her father had died and so had two of her sisters and both her brothers. However Mary still harboured the desire to go to Africa as a missionary. In 1876 she got her wish and was assigned to a post as a teacher in Calabar. After three months of training she set sail. However she was not prepared for the way in which the natives were controlled by superstition and their fear of evil spirits. They were happy to hear the gospel and respond in the way that they knew that the missionary wanted, but they were not prepared to actually change anything in their lives (much like people today really!). Mary did not feel that her first three years accomplished much. She then caught malaria and went back to Scotland to recuperate.

On her return to Africa, Mary moved out of the missionary compound to live amongst the natives. This was partly to be more accepted by the people and partly to save money to keep her mother back in Scotland. She set up a classroom, looked after the sick and went around the area preaching the Gospel. She was also given many newly born orphans to look after. As time went on she spread her influence over a much wider area and confronted the natives, in particular the chiefs, in the way they treated people.

Mary had a deep desire to preach the Gospel inland. Very few missionaries had gone away from the coast deep into the jungle and in 1888, twelve years after she first arrived in Africa, Mary set up camp in Ekenge and continued much as she had already done. The one thing that she became known for was in the way that she stood up against many of the cruel local customs. Life was cheap and punishments were severe. People were often maimed or killed for trivial reasons.

Mary rescued hundreds of twin babies thrown out into the forest, prevented many wars, stopped the practice of trying to determine guilt by the poison ordeal, healed the sick, and unweariedly told the people about the great God of love whose Son came to earth to die on the cross that poor sinful human beings might have eternal life. The Master she loved and served so ardently crowned her labors by permitting her to establish a number of churches and to see hundreds of erstwhile savages partake of the sacred emblems of their Saviour's death.

For thirty-nine years Mary Slessor worked amongst the tribes of this part of Africa. She turned down an offer of marriage because she would not be allowed to stay amongst the people if she were married. She was one of a kind dedicated to preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ. In the process of doing this, she changed the customs and superstitions of the tribes. She died in 1915 at the age of sixty-seven, in a tiny mud hut amongst the people she reached with the Christian Gospel.

- See more at: http://irokoupdates.blogspot.com/2013/04/the-christian-woman-who-stopped-killing.html


Those watching Emmanuel TV will be familiar with the powerful deliverances that take place during every service where the light of God exposes the darkness operating in the lives of people and evil spirits are forced to speak out before being cast out by Jesus Christ. Now, imagine this scenario unfolding in your own home with your loved one…
“Emmanuel! My name is Mrs Ikechukwu and I am living in Cameroon. As a result of the many negative events in my family and terrible spiritual attacks, things were not working properly in my household. There was no peace between me and my husband and we were both plagued by horrible nightmares. It came to a point where I thought the marriage was on the brink of ending. When things were really at their worst, some of my family members were blessed to attend The SCOAN Sunday Service on 28th July 2013 where they received the Anointing Water. When they came home to Cameroon, I was given the Anointing Water, alongside the booklet and the Anointing Sticker. I gratefully took them home. Late at night on that very same day, after my last daughter had fallen asleep, my husband and I prayed together, following the instructions in the Anointing Water booklet and ministered it. After ministering it, I was led by the Spirit to spray the Anointing Water around my home.
“On returning to my bedroom, the appearance of my husband had suddenly changed! It was as if another being had taken control of him. The spirits in him said, “We were planning to go and attack the Wise Men at SCOAN and this small girl wants to come and stand in our way!” With the Anointing Water in my hand, I asked the demons who they were and they replied that they were the spirit of a lion and dragon. It was just like what I had been seeing on Emmanuel TV! People of God, I was terrified but the Spirit of God gave me a supernatural strength and belief to keep on spraying the Anointing Water on my husband. He continued to growl and manifest until suddenly he fell onto his back and those wicked demons came out of him! I thank the Almighty God for delivering my family from these wicked spirits. Ever since that miraculous encounter, things have changed in the house! We are now living and sleeping in peace. Emmanuel!”
Mr & Mrs Ikechukwu, Cameroon 

Source: Distance is not a barrier

A Unique Dog

Watch this awesome video of this dog. It just another routine in a dog's life

Friday, November 29, 2013

When the Sun is not shining

Dear God, even when the sun isn't shining, I know there is a sun. So when I can't feel your presence, and am going through a 'dark night of the soul,' help me to believe and trust in you, knowing that my life is in your hands regardless of how I feel...!♥ 


The church of Christ was birthed into the world with a flaming tongue. She had something to tell the whole world and, oh, how she said it! With passionate certainty and Holy Ghost boldness the primitive church broke down every man-made barrier to plant the conquering flag of Jesus all around the planet.

Ever since then Christianity has always been characterized by a zealous spirit of preaching that dares to speak in the name of the Lord. Each revival generation has produced a long list of zealous heavenly spokesmen who refused to keep quiet when the glory of the Lord was at stake. They rose up with fire in their belly and made known the ways of the Almighty. They were soldiers, heroes and warriors of the faith.

So the question I want to ask today is: where are all the young preachers? Where are the young men of this upcoming generation who renounce worldly commodity in order to be mouthpieces of the Most High? Where are they?

As I look around in most churches I find dozens of young men fighting to get into the church’s praise and worship team. Everyone wants to be on the stage playing some kind of instrument. And that isn’t necessarily a bad thing. God be thanked for such gifts! But where- I ask- are the prophetic voices? It seems to me that here in the West contemporary Christianity is gradually turning into a mass musical movement with little or no preaching at all to accompany it. The essence is dying out. Where is the substance?

I trust too much in the providence of God to believe that He would let the light of the Gospel be entirely extinguished from Europe. He will always have His witnesses. His election is sure. But it is a worrying sign of the times when the most celebrated believers are young Christian rock stars and celebrities. Whatever happened to the young penniless missionaries that shed their sweat, blood and tears for Christ’s cause to prosper in faraway lands? What about young souls such as David Brainerd and Robert Murray McCheyne who remained doggedly faithful to the message of the Gospel even when death came knocking at their door?

The Puritan giant William Perkins (1558-1602) lamented the scarcity of young men entering the ministry way back in the sixteenth century too. He cited three main reasons: 1) the contempt preachers have to face; 2) the difficulty of discharging the duties of a minister’s calling; and 3) the inadequacy of financial recompense given to those who enter the calling. Things haven’t changed that much more than four hundred years later!

Young preachers must be prepared to be spat upon, threatened and insulted endlessly- both by nonbelievers and believers alike. That is the lot of the witnesses to the truth. Also, they must seek God earnestly to hear His voice so that they know what to speak in public. Such seeking is intense, long, drawn-out and at times, dryly barren. But in the end, God comes.  And they must do all this without expecting great dividends (this side of earth). Many will have to combine their preaching ministry with a part-time/ full-time job, but when God ignites a fire in one’s heart it is impossible to resist.

I pray constantly that God may raise up young preachers in our nations and that a Bible-steeped generation may stand up to take the mantle of the primitive church upon their shoulders. May we all encourage our young preachers and pray for them day and night. They need it. Let’s embrace them, weep with them and sow into them so that the flaming tongue of Pentecost may once again flourish in the land.

Thursday, November 28, 2013

True Love

This is a conversion between two people, it is all about true love.
Girl: This is really scary, slow down.
Guy: No, I am having too much fun.
Girl: Please, stop.
Guy: First hug me
Girl: ( Hugs Him)
Guy: Tell me you love me
Girl: Love you, can you slow down now?
Guy: Can you take my helmet off and put it on yourself? It is bugging me.
Girl? (Puts on helmet)

Next Day's headlines?

There was an accident involving a motorcycle accident.
There were two people riding the motorcycle at the time of impact.
The vehicle was speeding out of control
 and drove off road and into a building.
Only one of the two people died.

What really happened:
Half way through the ride the guy noticed that the brakes were gone,
but he did not want to scare the girl.
So he got her to hug him one last time,
and to know that she loved him.
He got her to wear the helmet so that if they did crash,
that she would survive,
although that meant that he had to die...
True love know s no boundaries, it is selfless and strong, when you truly love you willing to do for a loved one, love the brightest beautiful feeling gift from God to people, take care of love and do not ever hurt each other, protect each other and bless you God!

Living with a disability

Living with a disability has its tough times... but lots of lighter moments too. We interviewed people all over the country to hear their insights; these frank and funny conversations reveal the truth about disability and today we bring you the best moments from that series.


Well, it has all kicked off again. This weekend marks the beginning of December and with it the countdown to Christmas. For the last month or so, more and more festive-related messages have been appearing in the newspapers, on the street, on TV, in shopping centres and on Facebook. Chances are you’ve already posted some Christmassy updates yourself. And from this weekend until December 25th, it will be full steam ahead. Everybody wants to talk about the holidays.

Nevertheless, alongside this festive cheer, one can already witness the upsurge of the never-ending ‘Christmas Wars.’ The typical disputes over Christmas trees, manger scenes and crosses in public spaces are causing plenty of ink to flow (and plenty of tempers to flare). Should we say ‘Merry Christmas’ or ‘Happy Holidays’? Is Brussels’ new Christmas tree a vile abomination or a stunning symbol of aesthetic art and culture? Did Santa Monica’s federal judge do right in banning the church’s nativity display in the local park or did he mess up? Is Christmas nothing more than a Christianized pagan tradition? Is it not just a lame excuse for shame-faced commercialized materialism in the capitalist world? The debates seemingly never end.

My concern about all the aforementioned is how we as the church are acting in the midst of this social argy-bargy (sorry, that’s an old Scottish term: it simply means a verbal dispute or a lively argument). Are we acting within the sphere of Christendom or Christianity? There is a world of difference. Christendom seeks for an authoritative space within society. Its desire is public power and influence because its only longing is to survive. Just last week the Spanish evangelical Jaume Llenas wrote that the institutional church, “wants its name on the streets, its Christmas symbols in the public sphere, it wants subventions and benefits from the State, it wants crosses in public schools, it wants big buildings to symbolize its power.” This mentality, he argues, is wrong. I agree. It is resurrected Christendom.

Christianity is markedly different. Its focus is not institutional, but missional. Its identity does not reside in socio-political symbols of power and statistics, but in the Great Commission of the resurrected Christ. Such a church does not need worldly glory and honour to get a sense of satisfaction; but the approval of the Lord Jesus. Jesus didn’t seek to make a name for Himself in the social arena. He was committed to doing His Father’s will, and that certainly didn't entail Pharisee-like glory hunting from men. Jesus lived above that nonsense. He had His eyes set on that which was before Him. And that destiny involved the cross i.e. death- that’s right- raw, cold, spine-chilling and bloody death. Try convincing an institutional Christian to die! 

Back in the sixteenth century Luther made a sharp distinction between theologians of glory and theologians of the cross. And the same two spirits are at work today. The theologian of glory only sees God in the power structures of this world; whereas the theologian of the cross sees the glory of God in the bloody mess of the cross. Only the theologian of the cross has true saving faith. And therefore, only the theologian of the cross is enabled to carry out Christ’s mission on earth of preaching the Gospel to every creature in the correct Spirit.

The theologian of the cross is not bound by church budgets and financial capacities, but he is set free in the liberty with which Christ has set him free. And the only socio-political ‘symbols’ he has are passion in his heart, a fire in his belly, a consuming love for lost men and women and the constant infilling of the power of the Holy Ghost. After all, is that not what Jesus’ coming to this world was really all about?

*Join  @ Will Graham

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Imprisoned Pastor in Iran

Idaho pastor, imprisoned in Iran, can meet with family, officials say. Praise The Lord for this!!!!!!!! But please keep praying for him and this whose situation.

BOISE, Idaho –  Human rights officials say an Idaho pastor who is being detained in a notorious prison in Iran has been allowed to visit with family.
Officials with the American Center for Law & Justice say Monday's visit marked the first time Saeed Abedini was able to see family since his transfer to Rajai Shahr prison more than two weeks ago.

The 33-year-old Christian pastor who had been living in Boise. But he's been in Iranian custody since September 2012 and is serving an eight-year sentence for undermining state security.
ACLJ Executive Director Jordan Sekulow says the family visit is a positive sign that international pressure on Iran is helping keep Abedini alive.
Human rights groups say Rajai Shahr prison is rife with violent criminals and high rates of inmate-on-inmate violence.

Sunday, November 24, 2013


One of the greatest temptations for preachers is to speak high and haughty words in the pulpit that unlearned folk are unable to understand. Flowery words and lofty concepts may astonish the congregation’s mind but they don’t feed their needy souls.

There is something about the nature of man that desires to be praised. It is as if we instinctively seek the glory of our fellow men. And many times we feel we must speak in such a manner so as to attract attention to ourselves and to gain public approval as deep thinkers or top notch theologians. But this- my friends- is not the Gospel way.

Paul may have been an academic giant; but he veiled his learning every time he stood up to preach in God’s name. His knowledge was always there- of course it was- but he spoke in such a way so that all could understand him. He didn’t long to be lauded; he craved to be comprehended. Thus he translated his vast erudition into simple discourses that even simple slaves could mull over. His theology was practical with a capital ‘P’.

Luther brought the same style of preaching back into vogue during the Protestant Reformation. Rather than rhyming off mind-blowing messages in the Latin tongue to the forty something doctors and magistrates that attended his church (which he very well could have done had he so desired), Luther proclaimed the Word of God both plainly and powerfully in the most down-to-earth manner imaginable to the two thousand young people, children and servants that fed off his every word. Luther remarked, “An upright, godly and true preacher should direct his preaching to the poor, simple sort of people, like a mother that stills her child, dawdles and plays with it, presenting it with milk from her own breast.” It was such unpretentious preaching that ultimately turned Medieval Europe upside down.

A preacher, then, is to be moved for the welfare of God’s people. His goal must be the edification of the church; not the exaltation of his own ego.  The truly God-honouring messenger will feel God’s heart beat when he steps into the pulpit and, rather than aiming at getting applause from men, he will labour to convey Gospel truth in modest terms so that Scripture is driven home into hungry hearts and minds. Simple preaching is powerful preaching.

-Will Graham

Thursday, November 21, 2013


While I was in the university, I was involved in a number of businesses. One of them that was very easy for me to start and of course, put some money in my pocket, was the bulksms business. Even though the business did not make me a millionaire, it sure helped me while I was in school. For those of us that don’t know, bulksms is simply a web to phone sms, sent in large quantity.

How Did I make money from the Bulksms business?
1. I got an affordable and reliable bulksms service provider. This is important because there are so many fakes out there and you don’t want to disappoint your customers. I fell a victim and I don’t want you to. Maybe I should tell you this. There are two major providers of this service. The Indian providers and the European Providers. While the first providers are quite cheap but very unreliable (they don’t deliver), the European providers are quite reliable. So when you want to get yours, look for the European providers. If you ask me, I would recommend the one I know and use, coolzone.com.ng

2. I fixed my price to get a reasonable profit. What’s business without profit? However, it is important to fix a reasonable mark-up. For me, I bought at N2 and charged my clients N4.

3. Marketing. I targeted majorly Christian groups on campus. Nonetheless, you could also reach out to Churches, Secondary Schools, Supermarkets, your department etc. Please note, I did not tell the people I met that bulksms looks professional. No! I told them how the service would be of benefit them. I told them that the service, apart from the fact that it is cheap, would make their members feel loved and become more committed. Now, the benefits may differ depending on the group or organisation you have in mind. Just remember to talk about the benefits of the service you are rendering.

4. Prayer. I am a Christian and I did not leave God out of my business. He is my father and as a child, it is only proper for Him to be aware of what I am doing, as well as make His input. When my clients started testifying of the improved commitment of their members, I knew it wasn’t just because of the bulksms. God’s hand was involved. 
To manage the phone numbers you send to, you can make use of the “phone book” facility available on the website earlier recommended. It would interest you to note that I did not use a laptop, but my phone, to provide this service. Just to tell you how easy this service is. Moreover, you can even start with just 500 units and grow from there.

Get an affordable and reliable bulksms service provider (coolzone.com.ng recommended).
Calculate your cost and fix your price to get a reasonable profit.
Market. Talk more about the benefit of your service to your client.
Prayers. God’s hand in your business can make the difference. 

That was all I did to put some money in my pocket as a student, using the bulksms business. You can also do the same. I hope this write-up was useful to you. Now you know that making money as a student is quite easy. The decision to make money, whether now or later is up to you. All the best!
Have a nice day!

Heal me O Lord

Heal me O Lord
And I will be healed
For you are the One I praise

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

What Is Faith?

In order to identify what saving faith is, it would be ever so useful to describe what it is not. Various misperceptions regarding the true essence of faith are fairly common nowadays. So let’s call them by name and show their insufficiency.

What Faith is Not

Firstly, saving faith is not ‘dogmatic faith’. By that I mean a merely intellectual assent to the cardinal doctrines of the Christian faith without a personal commitment to them. One may believe in the existence of God, the historical crucifixion of Jesus of Nazareth and the goodness of Christian morality without experiencing a personal transformation of one’s own heart. After all, the devils believe and tremble (James 2:19). Faith is something more than cerebral.
Secondly, saving faith is not ‘temporary faith’. Jesus referred to such a faith when He recounted the Parable of the Sower (Mark 4:10-20). Folk with this brand of faith initially receive the Word of God, but when Satan or tribulation or worldly seductions come knocking at their door, they denounce the Word and sell their souls for a plate of lentils. Such rootless faith is of no value in God’s Kingdom.
Thirdly, saving faith is not ‘miraculous faith’. Pharaoh’s magicians and Nebuchadnezzar’s wizards did wondrous works; but they were not sons of God. Even Judas Iscariot had power to heal the sick and raise the dead; yet he was a child of perdition. Deuteronomy 13:1-3 makes it crystal clear that even false prophets can predict the future with pin-point accuracy. In other words, faith needs something more than miracles to be proved genuine.
Fourthly, saving faith is not just ‘credulous belief’. Before faith can flourish, it first needs to hear the uttering of a divine promise. Without this Word from God, there can be no faith. This fourth point is especially relevant given our contemporary church scene wherein multitudes are taught to dream up ideas and visions in their own hearts whilst confessing “in faith” that God will bring them to pass. Such a faith is no faith at all because genuine faith relies on the testimony of the Spirit of God; not the flippant spirit of man. Only when God speaks can faith be exercised. You cannot have faith in something that God has not spoken.

What faith is

We cannot get anywhere in determining what biblical faith is all about without the term ‘trust’. This is true both in Hebrew and Greek. Charles Hodge analysed that, “Faith, in the comprehensive and legitimate meaning of the word, therefore, is trust.” Faith’s primary element is trust. But this prompts a question: trust in what?
Scripture’s uniform answer is trust in God. But it’s a lot more than just a general confidence in some vague deity out there in the great beyond. Perhaps the best recent example of this kind of nebulous belief in the academic world is the late Anthony Flew (1923-2010). After championing the cause of atheism throughout the course of his life, he converted to Deism at the turn of the century confessing that all the evidence pointed to a designer God. Nonetheless, the distant and disinterested deity of Deism is not the intensely near God of the Gospel, that is, the loving Father God who reveals Himself in and through our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.
Faith trusts in the God of the Gospel. But to dig a little deeper we need to ask another question: what exactly is it about the God of the Gospel that faith must trust? This is where the concept of ‘promise’ becomes all important. Faith puts its confidence in the chief promise of the Gospel, namely, that whosoever believes in Christ is not condemned (John 3:18, etc.). He (or she) has passed from death to life! Faith lays a hold of the mercy of God manifested in Christ crucified and refuses to budge an inch. Faith, therefore, glories in God’s merciful promises.
The first generation of Protestant Reformers stressed this connection between saving faith and God’s promises relentlessly. Martin Luther wrote, “Faith gives the honour to God that He can and will perform that what He promised, namely, to make sinners righteous.” His right-hand man Philip Melanchthon continued much in the same spirit, “Faith is clearly the recognition of that mercy by whatever promise you apprehend it.” And again, as one of the spokesmen of the second generation Reformers so eloquently put it, “We shall now have a full definition of faith if we say that it is a firm and sure knowledge of the divine favour toward us, founded on the truth of a free promise in Christ, and revealed to our minds and sealed on our hearts by the Holy Spirit.” A century later the Protestant Puritans kept preaching the same holy doctrine. Here’s a quote from just one of them, William Gurnall, who defined faith in the following matter: “It is the act of the soul whereby it rests on Christ crucified for pardon and life, and that upon the warrant of the promise.” In other words, faith is inseparable from the merciful promises of God. And all these merciful promises hone in upon Jesus. As the New Testament repeats time and time again in manifold texts, Christ is faith’s supreme object.
This observation helps us to understand another important facet of faith i.e. that it is not self-sufficient. The glory of faith does not reside in itself. Faith always points above and beyond itself. It cannot be content alone. Faith’s grandeur consists in being the avenue through which Christ’s righteousness is applied to the sinner’s heart. Faith is the tunnel that draws vast goodness from the lake of Christ. Jesus is an end in Himself; faith is but a means to Him.
Faith, then, is entirely captivated by Christ. This explains why I think that the best way to think about faith is a pair of arms wide open waiting to embrace the love of God. Whereas repentance signifies a turning away, faith is a drawing near, a coming close and a kiss of deep affection. It is so much more than a scholarly agreement. To go back to the original definition we proposed, faith is heart-warming ‘trust’. This is the essence of what true faith is all about. Faith believes that God will be eternally merciful to sinners because that is what He has promised. Or as the writer of Hebrews declared, “Faith is the substance of things hoped for; the evidence of things not yet seen” (Hebrews 11:1).


To conclude, faith is neither ‘dogmatic faith’ nor ‘temporary faith’ nor ‘miraculous faith’ nor ‘credulous belief’. It is a solid trust in the merciful promises of God of the Gospel revealed through Christ. Since faith is entirely orientated towards Jesus, it is a thoroughly affectionate substance that sets the heart of men (and women) of God ablaze with holy passion.
So I ask you today: have you placed your faith in Christ? Are you depending on what Jesus has promised or on the whims of your own heart? Is Jesus everything to you? Does your heart ache for Him on the one hand and rejoice in the hope of the glory of God on the other?
If you haven’t called upon the name of the Lord yet, I repeat the apostolic promise: “Believe on the Lord Jesus and you shall be saved!” And if you have already trusted in God’s goodness, then I urge to keep walking from faith to faith finding full satisfaction in the sweet presence of King Jesus- the One in whom faith finds its reason for being.

By William Graham

Monday, November 18, 2013

Effect of Antiperspirant

This is very helpful information for everyone. I would be glad if you find it useful and willing to share it with friends.

Sometimes ago, a question was raised by a group of people. The question is base on the use of deodorant- A lot of people use deodorant to keep their armpit fresh and make it smell pretty good. But they don’t know its effects.
Breast cancer has affected so many lives and even killed millions of people in world record. About 70 to 80% products in market are combination of antiperspirant deodorants. Anyway, deodorant is still okay but antiperspirant is very harmful to the body due to much concentration of toxins causing mutation in the cell; likely cancer.
Few areas in the body like the armpit, side of kneel or behind, and some other areas can eliminate toxins. Through perspiration, toxin is eliminated. Antiperspirant prevents the body from perspiring, thereby making armpit the alternate way to eliminate toxin.

Breast cancers mostly take place in the upper sternum. This is common in both male and female. The use of anti-perspiration open way to breast cancer; it is advisable to use good water and soap in washing your armpit rather than using some other product.
My conclusion is stop using any product that can open your body to cancer or any other diseases.


Here is yet another powerful testimony concerning the Anointing Water from the nation of Malawi…
“My name is Mrs Wema Mizwa; I live in Lilongwe, Malawi. I write to glorify the name of our Lord Jesus for the great things He has done to my family through the medium of the Anointing Water. Indeed, God does everything according to His words. He said, “You shall drink deadly poison and shall not die; you shall step on snakes and scorpions and nothing shall harm you”. In the book of Acts, it happened to Paul on that Island of Malta when a viper did no harm to him.
“Last Saturday, I had made up some fire from wood to heat up water for the family to take their bath. As I was trying to collect some firewood which was heaped under a tree within our courtyard, a snake just came out of the woods and I moved backwards screaming to alert my husband and my brother who were just nearby. At this time my 11 year old daughter was playing some distance from where I was and got interested to see what was happening. As she rushed towards us, she too stepped on another snake which was lying underneath some dry grass along a path.
“Since she could not see it she stepped on it with all her force. The snake immediately lept up and bit her on her left foot. It then started to run away at high speed. A neighbour who was just nearby also saw the snake. He ran over, shocked, saying that it was a very poisonous type and my daughter needed immediate medical attention. She started crying and blood was oozing from the bitten area. Knowing how serious it is to be bitten by a snake, I knew that only faith in Jesus and His Grace was the way my daughter would survive. We had heard several cases in my area of people losing their lives through such poisonous bites.
“Before any first aid was given to her, I quickly took out my Anointing Water, sprayed it on the affected area and made her drink some in the name of Jesus. I was doing that while praying and meditating on the words and promises of God, remembering what happened to Paul on that island. I knew with faith in my heart that through the Anointing Water, all the snake poison had been neutralized and no harm would come upon my daughter. We decided to take her to the hospital so that she can receive an anti-venom injection.
“While we were driving to the hospital, I kept on praying and reading the Word. Surprisingly, I felt very relaxed as if nothing serious has happened; even my daughter kept asking me why we were taking her to the hospital after ministering the Anointing Water because all her pain had gone! I told her that there was no need for her to worry as I didn’t want me and her father to argue about the issue. I encouraged her just to wait and see how things would end up.
“We arrived at the first hospital but did not get any treatment as they said they did not have any treatment for snake bites; they only referred us to other clinics and pharmacies. We spent two and a half hours going around clinics, pharmacies and other veterinary clinics looking for the anti-venom drug to no avail. We were advised to go to the government central hospital where they put her on a fast running drip as they had no anti-venom drugs in stock.
“The clinician told us that normally all patients with snake bites are admitted into the wards for observations to check for any effects associated with snake poisons like swelling, shocks, headaches, heart running very fast and the like. However, my daughter had none of these symptoms. After running the drip for less than an hour, the clinician said he saw no reason of keeping her admitted in the hospital so he discharged her and gave her some antibiotics to take for some days.
“To the glory of God, she is completely fine – no swelling, no headaches, not even a single side effect! My daughter even refused to take the antibiotics; she only ministered the Anointing Water. Indeed, Jesus is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow. He is the one who rescued Paul and He has rescued my daughter today. There is nothing too hard for my God: Praise be to His Holy Name. May God continue to strengthen and bless you Prophet TB Joshua and your ministry in Jesus’ name. Without the grace of God in the Anointing Water from your ministry, we would have been saying something else about my daughter.”
Mrs Wema Mizwa, Malawi
Visit: Daily Word

Ceased Menstruation For 12 years Miraculously Restored

When you acknowledge God as your Healer, Deliverer and Redeemer, He will do it again and again. Be inspired in your faith as you read this awesome testimony:
“Emmanuel! My name is Liberty Akpan and I am a Nigerian. I want to testify to the goodness of God in my life! First of all, I thank the Almighty God and I also thank Prophet T.B. Joshua for allowing God to use him. I was having the problem of ceased menstruation for 12 years from 2000 to 2012. I had gone to hospitals, done evacuation on numerous occasions and taken many herbal roots they had given to me yet it was all to no avail. I had prayed and fasted about this problem but everything I tried seemed to yield no result.
“Last year, I was introduced to Emmanuel TV and saw what God was using Prophet T.B. Joshua to do in the lives of people. I went and bought a decoder and began to pray along with Prophet T.B. Joshua on Emmanuel TV. During this period, a friend came and gave me some Anointing Water which I also ministered to myself. Shortly afterwards in August 2012, I started seeing my menstruation! Incredibly, the cycle was complete, just as it supposed to be. Since that month until the present, my menstruation has been flowing normally! To God be the glory!”
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Heal me Lord

Listen and watch this lovely Healing song video of Don Moen

Heal me o Lord
And I will be healed 
Save me and I will be saved
Heal me o Lord
And I will be healed
For You are the one I praise
You are the one I praised


There was a time when life used to be beautiful. Everything was so fresh, so new and so astonishingly enthralling. Mystery surrounded us. Every step we took was music. By day, sunbeams smiled down warmly and by night, the stars twinkled munificently. All creation erupted in a carnival of dancing for us to contemplate the splendour on display. Perfection and paradise were our lot. With so much to discover and experience, we quivered under the thought of the promised sweetness awaiting us. We were merely starting out as meagre pilgrims on the vast journey of life. We couldn’t escape from hope’s embrace.

God designed our existence to be that way. His creation was a joy-driven work that saturated nature in abounding love and soul-drenching hope. He made everything to be ever so good. What a delight He took in furnishing us a world so perfect to live in! Such was His love that His handiwork flowed fluently and freely. He was satisfied to see His creation satisfied. He rejoiced to see others rejoice. He put glee in man’s heart to fascinate him with divine goodness. Could God have been any more melodious, harmonic and tuneful? He did all things well. The whole earth responded merrily in an anthem of effortless praise.

So what went wrong? The problem began when we forsook the fount of all beauty: God, the Creator. Having denied ourselves an authentic existence before Him, we became dark beasts that opted for a shadowy existence and an identity based upon human self, success and domination. We crucified the holy passions with which we were formed. So the Wholly Other One disappeared from sight. And we were wickedly thankful. God was condemned to oblivion. At last, we had got rid of the Imposter! Or so we thought.

This primitive longing for beauty and existential fullness has never left man and it never will. It forms part of our human constitution. That’s why so many middle-class and middle-aged Westerners wake up one day in their forties to realize they have become walking institutions burdened by the crippling weight of having to project a constant image of untarnished success. Rather than rejoicing with those that rejoice, they get rotten about the happiness that others find in life, bearing their disgust with a diplomatic smile in public. Life, for them, has turned into a dead-end alley of pressure, rules, things, money and structure. Frustration is triggered, and sooner or later, an inherent scream in every one of these beauty-forsaking well-to-doers releases itself in the most violent and desperate of manners. This soul-piercing scream squeals frantically for redemption. It is the sign of paradise lost. It uncovers the scary depths of humanity’s anguish.

There is no way to find satisfaction for this vicious thirst until peace is made with God. God created the human soul to fill it with Himself. After all, man was made for something greater than success and domination; he was formed for beauty. He was crafted to delight in it. And as the Bible shows, absolute beauty can only be found in the Eternal One, that is, He who revealed His majesty on a bloody cross in Palestine on a run-of-the-mill Friday afternoon not too long ago. Faith is the key to recovering this dynamic and adventurous joy of life that God the Creator desires to bestow ever so richly upon every desperate life.

If you are one of the broken ones, why not ask God to fill you? He’ll make your life beautiful.

Will Graham


Where the light of God is, darkness has no hiding place…

“My name is Sniko Lennox Mbangatha from South Africa. First of all, I would like to thank Mr Milton Marire for showing me this station of Emmanuel TV which God used to save my life and rescue me from the clutches of darkness. My mother died when I was very young, so I was raised by family members through the years. Last year, my uncle passed away and he was the one who had really been taking up responsibility for me. After his passing, so many negative things began happening in the family. People started doing rituals and visiting traditional healers, known as ‘sangomas’ in my language.
“As a result of this, I was given a small rope to keep around my waist at all times for protection. My wife really didn’t want it in the house and we fought over it many times. However, at this point a friend introduced me to Emmanuel TV and I began to watch. Shortly afterwards, a friend of my wife came to our house with Anointing Water and ministered it to us. Right from childhood, I had been plagued with demonic attacks; it was so hard for me to sleep at night because I kept hearing these strange voices the whole night. However, after using the Anointing Water, the following day when I woke up, to my greatest surprise, the rope was gone in my waist! I couldn’t believe my eyes; it was removed by God Himself! I thank God and T.B. Joshua for the blessings He gave me because now I can sleep at night peacefully without hearing these strange voices. I have accepted Jesus Christ as my Lord and Saviour. I pray that I would come to Lagos one day to thank T.B. Joshua personally for saving my life.”  

Via Distance is not a  Barrier

God so loved the world

"God so loved the world, that He gave His only-begotten Son." He gave Him not only to live among men, to bear their sins, and die their sacrifice. He gave Him to the fallen race. Christ was to identify Himself with the interests and needs of humanity. He who was one with God has linked Himself with the children of men by ties that are never to be broken. Jesus is "not ashamed to call them brethren" (Hebrews 2:11); He is our Sacrifice, our Advocate, our Brother, bearing our human form before the Father's throne, and through eternal ages one with the race He has redeemed the Son of man. And all this that man might be uplifted from the ruin and degradation of sin that he might reflect the love of God and share the joy of holiness...Amen!♥



Jesus is the Messiah

Jesus is the Messiah! He came to the world to give life to those who need it. Who doesn't need life? Everyone needs life. The Bible says “His own people received Him not… (John 1:11).” But to those who received Him without being septic, “He gave them the power to become the SONS of God (John 1:12)”

There shouldn't be an argument. Jesus is Lord and Savior of our lives. He is in beginning with God; with Him all things were made. Without Him nothing was made. He is the word and the word is God (John 1:1-3)

Jesus is Life; without Jesus we are lifeless and in crisis. Life was given to men by God. He gave us life so that we can serve in Him in truth and holiness. He made all things, so that we can feel happiness all days of our life. Light was given to because darkness can’t comprehend it.
Who is the light and who is the darkness? Jesus is the Light. Evil doers own the darkness. They destroy lives through darkness. But light gives life.

Some scholars does not believe Jesus, yes, they don't. It is a pity! If they don't believe in Jesus who else will they believe? Will they believe you or me? They won't because they are filled with false ideas. So many times they get confused but they won't tell you. Most of them secretly believed that Jesus is the life. But they won't tell you that. Reason is because they want to be popular with their false-idea teachings.
It is funny but reality. Three things made those scholars who claimed not to believe in Jesus who also called themselves atheism. They are :( 1) those scholars who took their pens and start writing about theories of evolution or related have no work to do. Yes they don't. If they do, they wouldn't have gone for researches for “unsearchable.” (2) Devils gave them a lot of money, in turn they will bring confusions to the world after they have got some falsehood ideas. Finally, they claimed not to believe Jesus because they want to become a superman which can never be possible.

We do not need to doubt, we shouldn't. All we need to do is BELIEVE THAT JESUS IS LORD AND SAVIOR. Preach the true gospel to the world. Let all you have acquired in life be used in glorifying the Lord. The more we glorify Him, the more we help those in need, the more He blesses us.
I can say it proudly; since I gave my life to Jesus I have been experiencing greater things in my life. Believe me, you too can.

All I want from you today is for you to make up your minds and start preaching the good news of Jesus Christ. Don't find it difficult to helping those who needs your help. The more you bless them, the more the Lord will bless you.

Conclusion: Friends, please don't believe their false teaching, follow what your Bible tells you.