Monday, November 18, 2013

Effect of Antiperspirant

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Sometimes ago, a question was raised by a group of people. The question is base on the use of deodorant- A lot of people use deodorant to keep their armpit fresh and make it smell pretty good. But they don’t know its effects.
Breast cancer has affected so many lives and even killed millions of people in world record. About 70 to 80% products in market are combination of antiperspirant deodorants. Anyway, deodorant is still okay but antiperspirant is very harmful to the body due to much concentration of toxins causing mutation in the cell; likely cancer.
Few areas in the body like the armpit, side of kneel or behind, and some other areas can eliminate toxins. Through perspiration, toxin is eliminated. Antiperspirant prevents the body from perspiring, thereby making armpit the alternate way to eliminate toxin.

Breast cancers mostly take place in the upper sternum. This is common in both male and female. The use of anti-perspiration open way to breast cancer; it is advisable to use good water and soap in washing your armpit rather than using some other product.
My conclusion is stop using any product that can open your body to cancer or any other diseases.