Saturday, November 30, 2013


Those watching Emmanuel TV will be familiar with the powerful deliverances that take place during every service where the light of God exposes the darkness operating in the lives of people and evil spirits are forced to speak out before being cast out by Jesus Christ. Now, imagine this scenario unfolding in your own home with your loved one…
“Emmanuel! My name is Mrs Ikechukwu and I am living in Cameroon. As a result of the many negative events in my family and terrible spiritual attacks, things were not working properly in my household. There was no peace between me and my husband and we were both plagued by horrible nightmares. It came to a point where I thought the marriage was on the brink of ending. When things were really at their worst, some of my family members were blessed to attend The SCOAN Sunday Service on 28th July 2013 where they received the Anointing Water. When they came home to Cameroon, I was given the Anointing Water, alongside the booklet and the Anointing Sticker. I gratefully took them home. Late at night on that very same day, after my last daughter had fallen asleep, my husband and I prayed together, following the instructions in the Anointing Water booklet and ministered it. After ministering it, I was led by the Spirit to spray the Anointing Water around my home.
“On returning to my bedroom, the appearance of my husband had suddenly changed! It was as if another being had taken control of him. The spirits in him said, “We were planning to go and attack the Wise Men at SCOAN and this small girl wants to come and stand in our way!” With the Anointing Water in my hand, I asked the demons who they were and they replied that they were the spirit of a lion and dragon. It was just like what I had been seeing on Emmanuel TV! People of God, I was terrified but the Spirit of God gave me a supernatural strength and belief to keep on spraying the Anointing Water on my husband. He continued to growl and manifest until suddenly he fell onto his back and those wicked demons came out of him! I thank the Almighty God for delivering my family from these wicked spirits. Ever since that miraculous encounter, things have changed in the house! We are now living and sleeping in peace. Emmanuel!”
Mr & Mrs Ikechukwu, Cameroon 

Source: Distance is not a barrier