Monday, November 18, 2013

Jesus is the Messiah

Jesus is the Messiah! He came to the world to give life to those who need it. Who doesn't need life? Everyone needs life. The Bible says “His own people received Him not… (John 1:11).” But to those who received Him without being septic, “He gave them the power to become the SONS of God (John 1:12)”

There shouldn't be an argument. Jesus is Lord and Savior of our lives. He is in beginning with God; with Him all things were made. Without Him nothing was made. He is the word and the word is God (John 1:1-3)

Jesus is Life; without Jesus we are lifeless and in crisis. Life was given to men by God. He gave us life so that we can serve in Him in truth and holiness. He made all things, so that we can feel happiness all days of our life. Light was given to because darkness can’t comprehend it.
Who is the light and who is the darkness? Jesus is the Light. Evil doers own the darkness. They destroy lives through darkness. But light gives life.

Some scholars does not believe Jesus, yes, they don't. It is a pity! If they don't believe in Jesus who else will they believe? Will they believe you or me? They won't because they are filled with false ideas. So many times they get confused but they won't tell you. Most of them secretly believed that Jesus is the life. But they won't tell you that. Reason is because they want to be popular with their false-idea teachings.
It is funny but reality. Three things made those scholars who claimed not to believe in Jesus who also called themselves atheism. They are :( 1) those scholars who took their pens and start writing about theories of evolution or related have no work to do. Yes they don't. If they do, they wouldn't have gone for researches for “unsearchable.” (2) Devils gave them a lot of money, in turn they will bring confusions to the world after they have got some falsehood ideas. Finally, they claimed not to believe Jesus because they want to become a superman which can never be possible.

We do not need to doubt, we shouldn't. All we need to do is BELIEVE THAT JESUS IS LORD AND SAVIOR. Preach the true gospel to the world. Let all you have acquired in life be used in glorifying the Lord. The more we glorify Him, the more we help those in need, the more He blesses us.
I can say it proudly; since I gave my life to Jesus I have been experiencing greater things in my life. Believe me, you too can.

All I want from you today is for you to make up your minds and start preaching the good news of Jesus Christ. Don't find it difficult to helping those who needs your help. The more you bless them, the more the Lord will bless you.

Conclusion: Friends, please don't believe their false teaching, follow what your Bible tells you.