Thursday, November 14, 2013


Our dear lovely mothers, we so much love you and our heart thinks about you always. We appreciate God for blessing us with such an awesome mothers like you. We are so proud of you and will ever be proud of you.
You kept us in the womb for nine months. You bear all the pains just to make sure you brought me forth this world. You feed me with the lovely FOOD God has given to every woman.
I could recall when I was young; you cared for me and provide my needs. When we are carrying, you sing lovely songs to our hearing so we could be HAPPY.
When time comes for me to start schooling, you provide for my financial need. When I am fed up with things of life, you share some life changing experience with me. I so much love that. After God, you are the next; no one can ever fill that position. All I have today was made possible by God which inspires you to do so.
We say to you all GOD BLESS YOU FOR THE LOVE YOU HAVE FOR US. Mothers, you will always been remembered in all we do. And we pray that all your need will be granted to you In Jesus name, amen.
Our Father, we thank you for blessing us with good mother. We exalt your name for providing for our mothers. We pray that you should give them the gift of life in order for them to enjoy what they had for long labored for. Make them HAPPY Lord by remembering some children that have forgotten their mother to come back and care for their mother. We don’t have anything to give them but we believe that You, the most powerful and mighty will provide for their needs. Thank You Lord for answering our prayer, thank you Jesus for everything and thank you Holy Spirit. Amen