Thursday, November 14, 2013


  Have you ever been worried? Do you feel alone when some people are around you? Sometimes, you might think you are having challenges thereby thinking of going to medical centers or elsewhere. Do you ever think of that? You might have contacted some of your friends telling them what you are passing through. Are my right?

I would rather advice you to go and read some Christian books that will motivate and inspire you spiritually. Not only that, you should try and make the Bible you ultimate companion. Study the Bible regularly. Make sure you are jotting some text that can help you remember what you have learnt at the end of you study. By doing this, you are perfecting yourself and taking away the spirit of being worried. It is not what Doctors can do; it is what you yourself can do.

I have experienced same thing some years ago. I often get worried without any cause or with little cause which suppose not to be so. As a Christian, we don’t have to be worried. Being worried is never for the children of God. The Bible says that why are we so worried, when the Lord is never too busy for us. The Lord is there for us. We should not be worried. Being worried comes when we forget our source, Jesus.

Worrying has caused lots of harm than good in lives of some people. This happens when they do not get the actual remedy or solution to their little problems. They think it is what Doctors can do. Thousands, millions of dollars are spent for them to get treated but all their efforts prove abortive. Why? It is because they do not have the privilege to meet someone who could introduce them to some Christian books that can inspire and bless them. I am not saying someone cannot be worried sometime but it should not be lengthened.
I can now boldly say for the past five years or more I have keep away the spirit of being worried. I can live with anyone successfully. The only solution to keep away the spirit of worrying is by studying the word of God, read devotional books that talk about being worried. Doing this, you are finally removing worried-attitude and now becoming unworried. I used it, and it works for me. I hope it will surely work for you too. As in the rate of buying some Christian books may be much, you can try reading some online and it is free.
By the time you tried it out, you will notice you are living without being worried. You will be "worriless." Everything will go on well and better. It will be a surprise to people who knew you before to be so worried seeing you in a new dimension.
Conclusion: When you are doing all these, make sure you are communicating with God through prayers. Pray before anything. Pray to live a good life. Pray for those who need your prayers. And never try to learn alone; learn with friends, families or online Christian friends. At the end you will be living without being worried. Amen.