Saturday, November 16, 2013


Well, lads, I’m sure you’ve heard these questions asked a million times over the years. Maybe you’ve even asked some of them yourself. “Who’s the right girl for me? What will she look like? Do I already know her? How will I know who it is?”
Admittedly they’re all fairly honest (and appropriate) questions. But there are several even more fundamental questions that single Christian males should ask themselves before even thinking about getting a girl.

Question 1: Am I a man?

God didn’t create a boy and a girl in the Garden of Eden. He made a man and a woman. God’s plan for marriage is for men- not for wimpy boys. A man of God must be mature, emotionally stable, responsible and capable of taking care of a woman of God. So if you’re still trying to be the ‘church clown’ by constantly draw attention to yourself, it’s a pretty sure sign that you shouldn’t be thinking about seeking a girlfriend. You’ll curse her rather than bless her if you’re only a boy dressed up a man’s body. A boy only thinks of himself whereas a man is concerned about others.

Question 2: Can I provide for her economical needs?

Not only must a man be able to offer emotional support to his potential spouse, but economic stability as well. This doesn’t mean that you have to be the richest guy in your Christian circle, but it does mean that you have to have a sound work ethic and a healthy attitude towards hard labour. God will always send His blessing upon such guys. In Old Testament days, men of the Lord made sure their wives had a roof over their heads, a bed to sleep on and food on the table. If you can’t provide for a girl, then it’s definitely not the right time to think about a relationship.

Question 3: Can I provide for her spiritual needs?

Men- as the Bible makes clear- are the head of the house. A man of the Lord is responsible for his wife’s spiritual welfare. This means that he must be able to teach his future wife (and children) sound doctrine. Also, he must make sure that she is in a sound church environment where the Gospel is plainly preached and the Scriptures constantly expounded. But if you don’t have an intimate prayer life with God and if you don’t set time aside to daily meditate upon the Scriptures, how do you think you’ll be able to spiritually edify your lady? Answer: you won’t! If Christ isn't the centre of your own personal life, He sure won't be the centre of your relationship-life either.


If single Christian men asked themselves these three simple questions before contemplating a relationship, a load of lives would be saved from so many unnecessary tragedies and countless hearts would not have to be broken. So ask yourself one more time: Am I a man? Can I provide for her economical needs? Can I provide for her spiritual needs? And if the answer is “yes” to each of these questions, then keep seeking the Lord and His righteousness and everything else (a woman of God included, if the Lord so desires) shall be added onto you (Matthew 6:33).

 By Will Graham