Saturday, November 16, 2013


When I was recently converted, I met a few folk who told me they were angry at God. Although I didn't really know how to respond to them, I couldn't help thinking that it was a rather stupid strategy to adopt. Why get angry at God? What has He done wrong?

Today I just want to take the phrase “I am angry at God” and show why it’s such folly…

1.- I AM

The first part of the phrase is “I am”. But if it were not for God’s act of creation, there would be no “I am” to begin with. Descartes said I think therefore I am. However, the Bible shows that God is therefore I am. How could any of God’s creatures ever get mad at Him and retain his (or her) sanity? Is that not the folly of follies? How can we get angry at someone upon whom our very existence depends?


The second part of the phrase is “angry”. “I am angry”. And yet again we must realize that our emotions stem from God. They were made for His glory to be exhibited through us. So how is it that we use these God-given emotions against the One who made us? Does that make any sense? We can only get angry because God allows us to. So why- oh why- would we ever think of raging against Him? Maybe we foolishly think He owes us something or that He has done us wrong. But let’s not forget that God Himself is the absolute standard of justice, correctness and rightness. Our human justice fades into the distance when God’s righteousness comes into view.

3.- AT GOD

The third part of the phrase is “at God.” “I am angry at God”. Of all the people and things we could get angry at on this earth, why would we ever get angry at the Lord who is working out all things for the good of His people? The very fact that we hate injustice is the fruit of the moral conscience that God has granted to each one of us. God is not our enemy. We are supposed to be fighting for His cause on this earth; not for the advancement of our own human kingdoms. But too often we get too big for our boots and start to think that the world doesn't revolve around Jesus, but around little old us. That’s a mighty big mistake!


I hope this quick reflection should show the manifest stupidity of ever getting angry at God. And if we ever find ourselves boiling up at God, the best thing to do would be to get angry with ourselves for being so selfish, self-centred and sinful. God owes us nothing. We owe Him everything. If anyone gets angry, it should be Him getting angry at us. That would make a whole lot more sense…

By  Will Graham