Thursday, November 21, 2013


While I was in the university, I was involved in a number of businesses. One of them that was very easy for me to start and of course, put some money in my pocket, was the bulksms business. Even though the business did not make me a millionaire, it sure helped me while I was in school. For those of us that don’t know, bulksms is simply a web to phone sms, sent in large quantity.

How Did I make money from the Bulksms business?
1. I got an affordable and reliable bulksms service provider. This is important because there are so many fakes out there and you don’t want to disappoint your customers. I fell a victim and I don’t want you to. Maybe I should tell you this. There are two major providers of this service. The Indian providers and the European Providers. While the first providers are quite cheap but very unreliable (they don’t deliver), the European providers are quite reliable. So when you want to get yours, look for the European providers. If you ask me, I would recommend the one I know and use,

2. I fixed my price to get a reasonable profit. What’s business without profit? However, it is important to fix a reasonable mark-up. For me, I bought at N2 and charged my clients N4.

3. Marketing. I targeted majorly Christian groups on campus. Nonetheless, you could also reach out to Churches, Secondary Schools, Supermarkets, your department etc. Please note, I did not tell the people I met that bulksms looks professional. No! I told them how the service would be of benefit them. I told them that the service, apart from the fact that it is cheap, would make their members feel loved and become more committed. Now, the benefits may differ depending on the group or organisation you have in mind. Just remember to talk about the benefits of the service you are rendering.

4. Prayer. I am a Christian and I did not leave God out of my business. He is my father and as a child, it is only proper for Him to be aware of what I am doing, as well as make His input. When my clients started testifying of the improved commitment of their members, I knew it wasn’t just because of the bulksms. God’s hand was involved. 
To manage the phone numbers you send to, you can make use of the “phone book” facility available on the website earlier recommended. It would interest you to note that I did not use a laptop, but my phone, to provide this service. Just to tell you how easy this service is. Moreover, you can even start with just 500 units and grow from there.

Get an affordable and reliable bulksms service provider ( recommended).
Calculate your cost and fix your price to get a reasonable profit.
Market. Talk more about the benefit of your service to your client.
Prayers. God’s hand in your business can make the difference. 

That was all I did to put some money in my pocket as a student, using the bulksms business. You can also do the same. I hope this write-up was useful to you. Now you know that making money as a student is quite easy. The decision to make money, whether now or later is up to you. All the best!
Have a nice day!