Friday, January 10, 2014



From a Female Reader, pls she needs your opinion....

About Two months ago I started seeing a man I know through work.
He’s married with kids, which isn’t ideal, but we’re not in it for a relationship. 
I’m single and looking for a serious relationship but not with a married man, what happen between us was as a result of the alcohol we had.
We have been seeing each other since then and I'm trying to quit but it's difficult.
I confided in my best friend, but she’s turned out to be very judgmental and it’s caused such a problem between us that we’re barely speaking.

She thinks I’m “evil” for sleeping with a married man and has also given me several lectures, warning me that I’ll probably get emotionally attached, fall in love and want him to leave his wife.
I’ve told her many times that I am trying to stop the relationship and how difficult it is for me, but she won’t listen.
I miss her friendship, but I don’t know what I can do to build bridges because I’m not going to end things with this guy just because she wants me to.
I’ve known my friend since we were at school, but I would never dream of telling her how to live her life or give her a hard time over something I didn’t agree with.
Is there anything I can do to get our friendship back on track again and also to forget about this married man?

(Pls drop your comments and help a sister)