Tuesday, January 14, 2014

"I don't sell fake designer bags" CEO of Posh Rawyalty Boutique CriesOut

She may not be an actress or a singer but trust me this babe is a celebrity in her boutique business, she has create a niche for herself in the clothing business by staying true to herself and giving her clients the very best, however last year, in a gossip blog called Secrets and Scandal, so many negative things was written about her, well the blog self has been shut down and Nosa (her real name) is still soaring higher.

Anyways the new gist is that some Island and mainland babes claimed that Nosa has been selling out fake designer bags and clothing, she took to her BBM to clear the air, according to her:
 "I have never and will never sell fake bags, I Tavel to shop for this things myself, 10 years in this business no be beans, I can tell real from fake, please kindly don't pay attention to such rumors, it is just haters at work" 

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